Cream Legbar Pullet or Cockerel


Jul 6, 2021
My family and I got day old chicks from a local hatchery back in August. We paid for what was supposed to be a Cream Legbar pullet chick, and we’re told it was a KNOWN pullet because they’re auto-sexing. Well, Patty started looking suspicious right out of the gate with large, bright comb & wattles, but we opted to be patient and wait it out…well my son said he caught Patty crowing this morning😑

This past weekend we had picked up a couple more chicks from the same hatchery and decided to get another CL pullet (we were very specific to order a pullet). Now that Patty, is now Patrick, I’m concerned our new CL chick is actually a cockerel As it looks very similar to Pat as a chick.

Do you think the new chick is a pullet? Did we get duped twice or is this a common mix up? We are newbies to chicken raising, but I would think a reputable hatchery would know the difference in an auto-sexing breed. I attached pictures of the new CL chick and Pat as a new chick for reference.
By what I understand with the chipmunk stripe is that the stripe should be unbroken on a female. You can definitely tell the stripe is broken, not solid from head and neck and down the back, in the pictures of young Patty. I'm having trouble telling with the new chick. I'm new to this but was watching a video from Alchemist Farms IG about determining male from female in auto sexed chicks. I'll go back and look it up and see if I can help further.
*I looked at it again and I believe you do indeed have a female. The stripe doesn't seem to be broken at the neck.
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