Cream Legbar V Leghorn

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  1. Hi. Unusually for me i can,t make my mind up about something. I want to increase my flock and have narrowed it down the either Cream Legbars or Leghorns for the following reasons. I want laying hens that are quite people shy (i have previously had a problem with thefts). It also can get quite cold here down to -18 and both breeds are said to be hardy though the Leghorns may need some protection for their combs. The leghorns lay more eggs but the Legbars lay coloured eggs and are autosexing. Any views gratefully received [​IMG]
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    Jul 31, 2013
    New Mexico
    Honestly I think any breed would work but you would have to encourage them to be more people shy.
  3. The Warrans i have used to just get stolen the thing that stopped it was putting security cameras up. [​IMG]

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