Cream Legbars and Araucanas?


10 Years
May 31, 2009
I'm curious if anyone has purchased any of Greenfire Farm's Cream Legbars? I'd love to know how much blue-er their eggs are to Araucanas. And for that matter, why is it so hard to find a breeder in the Northeast for Araucanas? I don't want to buy eggs to hatch, especially not from ebay. I've emailed several Araucana breeders and have gotten no responses at all, or the ones that did respond are no longer breeding. It's too bad, because I have four right now and I love their personalities, even more than my EE's (Sorry, my feathered kids, its true). I'd like to get more Araucanas. I suppose worst case I could try hatching a few of my flock's eggs, but I've never done it, and none of my girls are broody. What to do....
Don't know anything about legbars but I do breed, raise and started showing this year rumpless tufted araucana. I am in CA but I do ship chicks all over. My website is I hatch almost every weekend. I do sell out fairly quickly but can put people on a waiting list.

Where are you in the northeast? I'm in eastern PA. I sell araucana chicks, but typically for pickup only. I have 8 now that just hatched this week that are available if you're close enough.
Wow! So glad both of you replied. I'm in central MA, and Albany is 3.5 hrs away, if that is any reference. I probably could not drive that far to get them, I'm so busy with extra college classes this summer, plus working. My husband drives through PA on his motorcycle trips, but he wouldn't have room on his bike for chicks. (there's a joke in there somewhere...) Lanae, I'll check out your site! Thanks to both of you!
I had cream legbars and their eggs are more of a green/blue as opposed to a true blue. I can't speak for Greenfire's stock though but most of the UK Legbars lay a greeny blue egg.
It sounds like the Cream Legbars lay the same color as the Araucanas then. Good to know! Thanks. And HinkJC, thanks for the link! That was exactly what I needed. The more I learn, the less I think I know! There is so much info!
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