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Hi, I've been reading the forum for awhile, and actually joined last month I thought it may be time to say hello to this wonderful community who I have learned so much from already.

It all started when my daughter wanted chickens. For 4 years she studied chickens with books and online. She even put together her own book of facts. It's like a paper version of Pinterest. This past fall we finally moved to acreage so I thought it was finally time to let her get chickens. At a Christmas party she met a lady who raises Cream LegBars, she talked to this sweet lady for hours. Later on, the lady approached me and asked if she could give my daughter a mating pair of these rare chickens because she had never met a teenage girl with such profound interest in chickens and with such a knowledge base. Of course, I said yes. She gave My daughter a rooster and a hen last month after we got our chicken coop built. These are some beautiful chickens and we love the blue eggs from the hen. Currently we have 13 blue eggs in the incubator, My daughter candled them and they are all growing chicks in them.

I loved the chickens so much that my daughter told me that I was going to turn into a crazy chicken lady....and she is right! We are in the middle of building a second coop (16 X 8) to house the 25 pullets I have in a giant brooder in my garage, they are 7 weeks old now and will be our egg suppliers. My other daughter wanted ducks, so we got 3 Cayuga's, who are 7 weeks old as well and enormous. They already have their own enclosure, with a shelter and a pool. I was hoping for all hens, but I learned to sex them from Youtube and we have one drake.

Here is what we have:

25 pullets~ assorted breeds, Most are Americana's, and Silver Laced Wyandotte's, one speckled Sussex, one BB red Old English Game Bantam (daughter's personal pet), one White Crested black Polish (other daughter's personal pet),

Roosters~one adult Cream LegBar, one 4 week old Cream LegBar roo.

Hen's- one adult Black Star (from the nice lady who gave us the Cream LegBars. I love this hen, she is so sweet and gives us a big brown egg every single day. One Cream LegBar hen who is as sweet and gentle as can be and laying blue eggs.

13 Cream LegBar eggs in the Incubator.

3 Cayuga ducks, 1 drake and 2 hens

As you can see, we jumped in with both feet. My daughter knows a lot, but I had to take a cram course in chickens and obviously still have a lot to learn. Thankfully, I have this forum because I need it!

I will post pictures later, right now, I'm going outside to work on the run while I have my husband here helping.
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You really did jump in with both feet! Sounds like everything is going great! Good luck with the coop/run build and Legbar egg incubation, hope you get lots of chicks. Sounds like you are putting a pretty flock together with some nice breeds. In case you haven't seen it, there is a Breed thread on the Legbars
You might like to check out the BYC Learning Center, lots of good articles on all aspects of chicken keeping you might find useful.
And it is always fun to check out your state thread for chicken keeping neighbors


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What a great story. Maybe you would like to continue your in "Stories and pictures of my chickens," thread.

I'm proud of your daughter and I haven't even met her - tell her to take a bow - she deserves it


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My Coop

Welcome to BYC!

What a great story! And yes, you really jumped in head first on this adventure! Kelsie has left you with some really great links to follow. Good luck with hatch too!

If you have any questions, that is what we are here for. Good luck with all your projects and welcome to our flock!


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Mar 13, 2014
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Thank you so much for the friendly welcomes everyone, I just LOVE this forum!! Thank you Kelsie for the links, and thank you Diva for the thread suggestion.

Years ago, we raised goats for meat, and Emu's for their giant eggs and also for meat, plus we had 5 riding horses and an assortment of rabbits. We have not had livestock for years, so it has been a lot of work to set up, plus so much learning of course because of never having chickens. I do have to say though that chickens are much easier to handle and catch than Emu's....and much safer.... :) And feeding them is way less work than horses whom we had to put 25 tons of hay up for every fall. And way less obnoxious than goats, even though I do plan on getting goats again for milk, but not till next year, I want to concentrate on the chickens first.

Today I am painting the new coop barn red, buying some sweet PDZ, and getting horse stall mats for the new 8 X16 coop, plus I ran out of pine shavings. Forget cleaning the house, I am owned by a feathered flock of cuties these days.

I'm also reading and researching this forum for info on what to do with an egg eating rooster. I have him in his own bachelor pad condo coop, except for conjugal visits in the run with his Cream Legbar hen. The 2 adult hens (CLB and black star) are in an 8 X 5 luxury suite coop by themselves, at peace without him.

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