Cream Legbars pullets - correct for cream


9 Years
Jun 29, 2010
Southern New Hampshire
I have altered the ad one last time in hopes that I can rehome some of them as I need to clean up my schedule for time and I only have so much space.
I am selling only juvenile pullets. The males and what does not sell I will grow out and have processed this fall.
They range from 12 to about 8 weeks old with 1 or 2 that are about 6 weeks or so. They are correct for cream, some will have flaws but are perfect for breeding. I have about 4 that do not have a crest ($30). I have 1 that is about 14 weeks that has some green spots on its legs and 2 younger ones that have the same . I have a few that have white spots on the body feathering. They all have yellow legs but some have paler legs than others. Some have no noticeable faults at this time but I would never say they are perfect.
I am only selling for local pickup at this point. Please PM me if interested.
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