Created a monster feeding those dried bug treats


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
I have a Chantecler pullet that has always followed me during feeding time and watches all that I do closely. I figured I would see if I could get he to be more friendly since I have never tried to make a pet of her or handle her much. Bought the crinkle package of those ugly dried worms they sell as treats for way too much money considering the size of the bag... She was interested in what I was doing the first day I offered them and once they hit the ground she taste tested and found them to be good and gobbled them up. I did not offer them everyday but after about the 3rd time she meets me at the feeding area or follows me everywhere when I am in the barn hoping and this morning she was so excited when I picked up the bag she hopped up onto the stack of hay and was even with me and the bag... I tell ya she's gonna jump me for those darn things
so, if you start treating your chicks to these gross but very tasty treats beware... there was a splash BLRW that watched all this action over a few days and now is her tag team member and gets them too.

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