Creating sex links with black Roosters over dominant white + barred hens(White Leghorn)?

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    So I inadvertently stumbled into this with my last hatch and I want to know if you guys think this is possible or it was just luck on my part that it worked out the way it did.

    I am cross breeding mixed Ameraucanas with my White Leghorn hen who I have confirmed has the barring gene with a F2 generation hatch of both black and barred chicks out of parent stock that express no barring genes (dominant white).

    My F1 hatch was Black EE(Blue Am mix) with slate legs cockerel covering a White Leghorn hen who I have confirmed has the barring gene under dominant white. The resulting chicks that I kept were 2 cockerels and 2 pullets. The boys had yellow/white legs and only small specks of black, mostly pure white. The girls hatched out with slate legs and large splotches of black (because they lacked the barring gene). I would need a larger sample size but it seems like I could sex chicks from such a cross by selecting those with dark legs and larger black spots as likely pullets because they will not inherit the barred gene from the White Leghorn like the cockerels will. What you you all think? ALL boys will carry barring, none of the girls will with this cross.

    White cockerel with yellow legs that has barring gene. Appears almost clean, lacking almost any black feathers.

    One of the hens withe black/slate legs despite having dominant white, lacks barring gene as the cockerel who is the father did not express barring. Without barring, legs are dark and there are more black feathers intermixed.
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