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    Hi everyone! For a long time I have been wanting to make sex-link chickens that I could sell. I don't really care if they are Black, red, brown, or golden comets just as long as you can determine their sex by color when they are chicks. I know that if you want a red sex link you can mix a RIR rooster and a Rhode Island white hen. but this only works if they have certain traits. My big question is can I get the parent stock from a hatchery like cackle or Murray Mcmurray. I want to make sure it will work if I spend all that money on hatchery chicks. If this might not work than how can I aquire parent stock for making sex-links?
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    Quote:RIR x Delaware hens make for great Sexlinks... good luck
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    Well, hatchery stock is what the hatcheries use to make their sex-links......[​IMG]

    Yes, hatchery stock is great. Have you seen takerson's massive sex link thread? He has a great chart saying what breeds can be crossed with which, and which breeds to avoid.

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