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Fava Mama

May 6, 2015
Hi everyone, I am new here and still learning about my flock and well raising and breeding chickens.I live in a City that doesn't allow Roosters sadly, but I am completely over looking this outdated law and raise two with my flock anyway.I figure I have a right to sustainable living and i want to be able to provide non-GMO & organic chicken and eggs for my family, so there ya have it.I enjoy spending time with my flock and wish to learn more about cross breeding.My Blue Isbar chicken and my blue silky rooster are hatching black chicks.My Pycheon rooster bred with my cochin produced such a beautiful crested hen, i love working with true bantams like my Phycheon but I really like my Phycochins (phycheon + cochin).All of the chicks have crests, right down to the third generation so it is interesting because it doesn't matter what i breed the kids, kids too they all got crests and feathered feet.Has anyone ever crossed any of their own breeds, if so please share your experience, i'd love to hear from all of you.


Chicken Girl1

Queen of the Coop
6 Years
Mar 3, 2015
Hello and Welcome to BYC!
So glad you joined! It sounds like your having a lot of fun with your chickens and your pictures are beautiful, I've never bred my own chickens but one of these days I'm going to get around to it! You may be interested in the General breed discussions & FAQ forum to discuss this topic more. Again welcome!

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