Creating Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Wyandotte BTMs

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    Mar 31, 2010
    So I've had this idea of breeding wheaten wyandotte bantams for a while now, and this year I hatched a few odballs out of my blue wyandotte bantams (wich in my strain, a few years ago were developed from a Blue Wheaten OEG male X Black Wyandotte female). So Im thinking of attempting to breed some next year, or at the very least get started on it.
    Im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how some one would go about breeding some, wich varieties, methods of breeding, etc.
    These birds I hatched out in spring 2010 are birds I plan on using to make wheatens, posibly some of my black or blue wyandottes with better type.
    So Please share your throughts, pictures and sugestions.
    Sorry these photos aren't the best


    This is my 2010 sortof Blue Wheaten Wyandotte, or at least the closest thing I have to one. Type wise she isn't very good, that may change though, she's still young.

    Some kindof very light gold pencil / laced... oddly colored 2010 Wyandotte pullet.

    What I call a Brassyback Wyandotte 2010 pullet.

    I think she resembles a Golden laced the most. 2010 Wyandotte pullet

    I usually cull any Black or Blue Wyandottes with gold/red in them, but im considering keeping this male for this project. The Splash lm thinking of too, his type isn't nearly as good as the blue male. I don't know how or why he came out this color. His parents are a Black male, and a Blue female. the odd color must have come from some hidden genes or somthing from the very first cross. I didn't think sport came into play with this cross...(need to look up blue breeding's again [​IMG])
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    Feb 19, 2011
    Wow I've thought about doing the same thing! Wouldn't that be pretty...

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Yes they would be AWESOME and I have been planning to work on them as well. I have a pair of project Ginger Red Wyandotte bantams that I should be able to use to breed to breed to blacks and in a few generations, get wheatens out of that. I'm hoping I get some to hatch Blacks to hatch so I can hopefully get started on them this year and several other Wyandotte Bantam projects.
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    You should not get wheaten out of the cross you performed. She is most likely a brown at the E locus.

    What was the down color of the pullet in question? If she is wheaten- her down color should have been a light reddish color or reddish with a few black or dark brown markings on the back. The female is also columbian restricted which came from the black wyandotte- it is evident that the black hen also carries the pattern gene. It is not unusual for black birds to carry the columbian gene and the pattern gene.

    If you want wheaten wyandottes you are going to have to use a wheaten variety in a cross.

    You could produce black tailed red wyandottes from this female.

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