Creative bake sale ideas?


Jun 22, 2008
Western Mass
OK, so this is not chicken related, but you all are so creative!

I have been volunteered to do a bake sale for the PTO. It is on election day and our school is a polling place so we get a lot of traffic in the early morning and then again after work. I don't think the after work crowd is going to want coffee and muffins. Any ideas on how to maximize sales? Are there any dinner items you can think of that might sell that won't need refrigeration?

Any help from someone who has successfully run a bake sale? I love to bake but this is my first time volunteering to organize anything and I want it to be a good one! Thanks for any help you can offer! Or even moral support!!
Maybe garlic knots or something like those pepperoni pizza rolls. The homemade stuff, not the frozen junk.
My DH loves both and they don't last long enough to *have* to refrigerate.
Hmmm. What about dinner rolls, homemade bread - herbed, garlic, cornbread, etc - (who can resist the smell of fresh bread?), or dessert items like cake that don't need refrigeration?

Some jarred mixes might be nice along side of that -think chili mix to go with the cornbread - or perhaps some jarred cookie mixes. They look nice and it's something different than the usual fare.
IDK... ya got eggs? I just made a ton of Quiches for one of our PTO thingy's. It was for dinner purposes. You can serve them chilled and dont have a problem sitting out for an evening buffet. I made mini Crustless Quiche pies and bite size ones too ..... I used muffin pans and mini muffin pans. They worked great. And to use more eggs... If the recipe called for 5 I tossed in 9....
They were scrumcious (spl ??). Anyway, They sat out from 2pm (post bake) till about 9pm. Everyone (all the teachers) ate them and noone got sick. I did not choose to have them sitting out that long... the PTO did it this way. I just cooked for the occasion. I really am not sure how long something like that can sit for, BUT I am sure if you are worried about it, you could always toss a little bit of ice in the bottom of an oven pan and the oven pan with the goods in it placed on top of that. (to keep it simple and slightly chilled?)

Other than that.... I think pretty much anything can sit out after cooked or warmed up for several hours. Buffets, parties etc... do it all the time. Evening crowd of voting is what about 4 hours. Not ideal...but, I'm thinking pretty much anything would be fine sittin for that.
Try quick breads in the mini loaf pans. You make these using the same recipes as for the large loaves, just don't cook them quite as long. Then you can wrap them in colored plastic wrap and label them with the kind they are. There's alot of great recipes online too.
Caramel or candy apples, go over pretty well this time of year.

Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, mini loaves and etc. as mentioned in the above posts are big hits here.

I haven't tried the quiche or hot pocket type rolls but it sounds good. I will have to try them.

You might try having soup or chilli to go or chilli dogs or rolled grilled cheese sandwiches for the afternoon crowd. We have put hot dogs in the crockpot and sold them real well all day long.
How about those large pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate or cheese and dotted with minced up pepperoni?

I also read somewhere that Jerky was the number one snack food of commuters.
Good Luck with the sale. Let us know what went over and how you did.
Tiny loaves of banana bread or something of the sort. They are just cute as a button. So are miniature cheese cakes and muffins. What about rice crispy treats? Put them on a decorative stick and wrap em up. What's a true bake sale without them. Plus, you don't really have to bake them haha. Speaking of no baking. How about bags of spiced up popcorn? Say like pizza popcorn or something? But I like the idea of miniature cakes, muffins, and breads the best.

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