Credit Card Fraud ???

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    My SIL opened up 6-7 credit cards in my FIL & MIL names and has charged over $25,000 on them. This isn't this first time she has done something like this, in fact she just got off probation last fall for something similar. The judge she saw last fall told her that if he saw her in the system again she would be looking at 15 years to life. My FIL does not want to file charges against her, but as angry as he is, he just can't bring himself to send her to prison for that long. Will the Credit Card companies files charges against her or if my FIL does nothing will she walk??
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    I would imagine they could if your FIL won't pay the bills and she doesn't either. But I doubt they'll care if someone is making the minimum payments and they're getting their interest. It's sad that people will take advantage like that and that they will let them. You better believe if someone did that to me, their heiney would be in jail!
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    If he doesn't report it, they will do nothing.
    Only thing is, if the bill isn't paid, they'll come after your FIL, not the guilty SIL.
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    Quote:I am pretty sure you need to press charges before claiming fraud in order to get a refund. Credit card companies like police reports as proof. And frankly, she's done this before - she needs some time to think about it. I know a great place. [​IMG]
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    Hey, if you FIL is silly enough to let her get away with it..its his problem... Its all on him. I hope he enjoys paying off those bills... [​IMG]
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    Apr 22, 2008
    As others have said, the credit card company is going to want the bill paid or someone in jail. If your FIL is willing to pay off the credit cards and let her get away with it, then that's his choice to make. If he doesn't pay them off and reports it as fraud, they will go after your sil when they find out she is the one committing the fraud. If he doesn't pay them off and doesn't report it, they will just go after him for the money and destroy his credit.
  7. I hope your FIL doesn't need a loan for anything--his credit rating will be in the cellar.
  8. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    Also..if he reports it as fraud, to get out of paying the bills... and doesnt tell them that he knows she did it...he could be in BIG trouble. If they have to investigate it..etc.. he could end up paying all the investigation fees..etc... When it comes out in the end that he knew all along that she was the one who did it.
    Personally, i think hes nuts and irresponsible to not report her.... whos she gonna scam next? YOU?
    If you know she did it..why dont you report she cant keep hurting people.
  9. Carols Clucks

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    Your FIL and MIL should know that how she treats them now while they can do something about it, is an indication of how she will treat them when they can no longer handle their other words....there will be some elder abuse to look forward to if they don't deal with her now.
  10. steffpeck

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    I know he has talked to some of the companies and told them they were fraudulent, but I don't know if he has told them that it is his daughter. I think he has lost his mind to not press charges, but he just can't bring himself to send her to jail for 15 years to life. I have thought about reporting it to someone, I just don't know who. And, my husband and I are the only ones that know about it, so it will be obvious that we turned her in. And then #[email protected]# will hit the fan. I am hoping that the credit card companies will come after her, and that she will be held accountable. I was curious if anyone knew for sure whether the cc companies would go after her or not.
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