Creepy Crawlies(itch itch)

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    Mar 8, 2010
    So I just discovered lice on my hens.. [​IMG] I saw something crawling on one of the eggs i went to go collect and decided to check my broodies since they are easiest to catch right now. Sure enough when I checked their vents I saw little lice things crawling around. (itch itch scratch scratch) So now what do I do? I am using DE in the bedding and nest but obviously its not working.
    Can poultry lice be transferred to humans? (scratch) To dogs and cats?
    I saw some poultry protector at the feed store and have also read about sevin dust.

    Please help, I'm off to take a very hot shower and then ill be back to check for answers.......[​IMG] (itch itch scratch scratch)[​IMG]:sick
  2. I found some in my hen house two weeks ago. (scratch, scratch, obsessive compulsive cleaning, scratch, scratch) Anyway, I emptied it out completly-next boxes, perches, feeders, everything! I bleached the entire coop and the extras. I let it dry all day (cement floor). then I sprayed sevin on the perches and in the nesting boxes and put fresh straw down. I then sprinkled sevin on the staw. Later that night, I went in and used the pantyhose "powder puff" of seven and dusted their fannies. Today was day 10, so did the entire barn again, and they will get a fresh dusting of sevin tonight at bedtime. Most of my girls (18) are now free of lice and eggs.

    YUCK! [​IMG]
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    A lot of people don't like to use Seven, but my chickens got lice/mites before I used DE and I dusted the nest boxes and chickens with Seven and it worked great!
  4. I would love to use DE, but cannot find a local supplier. Shipping charges on orderd ones is way to high for my budget. I am trying to get my local feed store to be a distributor for it, but he isn't going for it yet. I think it sounds like a great product! However, when my outbreak occured, I wanted to end it "right now" so seven it is for my girls.

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