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Creepy Great Blue Heron.....

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Bleenie, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Bleenie

    Bleenie Wyan-DO's

    Blue Herons are VERY common on our property, they love the creek and wet areas around here but normally they stop for a visit and then they're gone...
    This "guy" has been hanging out in the yard for the last 3 days, at least that's how long i have noticed him. He's stayed about 500ft or closer to the house, but ALWAYS in the yard, never goes on the field side of the fence like the ducks do. I thought maybe he was young and interest in the ducks brought him in but he won't go near them. he stays by himself between the creekbed & our pool.

    All day today he's been in the same small area, I even got a couple decent pictures of him(but the camera is misplaced at the moment). I've been baking a few things this morning and everytime i get up and look out the kitchen window he will turn and watch or stare, like a statue. for 5 minutes I watched dishes and he just stood as still as could be and watched me. He's just starting to creep me out now. [​IMG]

    I think mostly because his behaviour seems unusual to me, too interested in people I guess. All of the other Herons will fly off the second they even sense you walking into the field of near the creek, they wouldn't even think to rest in the yard. I am worried he might be sick or maybe hurt? and trying to get help.... does that make sense?

    I remember helping untangle a Heron when we were younger and my brother got pecked between the eyes and had a sore spot for a Long time after, I don't wanna get in front of that beak for nothing!!

  2. duckluck

    duckluck Dulcimyrh Ducks

    Oct 22, 2009
    Maybe he was rescued by a wildlife rehabillitator and has a developed interest in people.
  3. chickenzoo

    chickenzoo Emu Hugger

    I would lean toward not feeling well since he is exhibiting unusual behavior. He could also have been a rehabbed. Find out what he'd do if you got closer, can he fly etc......
  4. Bleenie

    Bleenie Wyan-DO's

    It's dark out now but if he's back tomorrow(or still here) I will see how he acts when I try to go towards him and see if he flies away or not.

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