Creepy...learned childhood sweetheart was serial bank robber

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  1. I got a chill and my work friends got a laugh from my story about a childhood sweetheart.

    My hubby and I have been active on Facebook lately and have found a lot of people who we knew when we were young (we are happily married and I am 50). We were teasing each other about looking up past boyfriends/girlfriends and I told him I was never able to find my first love on Facebook, so my husband found him for me on a different internet search and I was awful sorry. Hubby got a giant kick out of it though!

    I should back up a little and tell you the story.
    When I was about 14, I fell in love with the ringleader badboy of our suburban neighborhood. My parents did not like him so he was like the forbidden fruit. We were an item for perhaps two or three years, I forget exactly, but my parents finally decided they needed to break us up when we were found ditching school together and other things, he was a totally bad influence! So I went to live with my sister and was not allowed to contact him. Of course we swore that when I turned 18 (he was two years older) which was in about two years we would meet at a certain place and time.
    Well two years later I was already living on my own, or rather, with my new boyfriend, very happily. I remembered my promise to the first guy, but my new boyfriend worked hard to make my 18th birthday fun so I did not have the heart to bring up meeting the other guy to explain I had moved on. I later found out he DID go to meet me there despite being two states away and was really ticked! I never really heard from him again.

    So of course I'm curious how he was.....and I kind of wanted to find him on Facebook to tell him I am sorry that an 18-year-old girl didn't come to tell him good bye properly. So my hubby looks for him for me, and what does he find....

    He is doing time in prison for serial bank robbery! First he was in prison for other theivery and then as soon as he got out, he commited a bunch of crimes! We found several newspaper articles, one showing the actual photo of him during a robbery. And of course I recognize him, even though his name was very distinct and different and no one has that name but him. But it was a chilling moment, recognizing him, even down to realizing that he looks really tense and perhaps a bit exhilirated or scared in the photo. He is now doing time in prison! My husband of course cannot stop laughing, but a part of me is so sad for the mischevious boy that he was and the obvious hardened criminal he has become.
    Anyone have thoughts on my story?
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    May 31, 2010
    I have no idea.
    not much, but if I had a girlfriend that commits crimes, i'd turn her down BIGTIME !
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    May 11, 2010
    Always difficult to see friends make the wrong life decisions. Not your fault. Just be glad you were not his partner in crime. Several of my friends I grew up with were dead by the time they were 20. Always wondered if I could have helped until I had some one tell me they never asked for help.
  4. Well I always had a bad feeling about this guy. He always courted danger and liked being on the wrong side of the law. Since my parents hated him we always snuck around to see each other. I realize that even back then he was committed to having things he was not supposed to have and being sneaky.
    I also remember him telling me his dad would tell him he was going to end up in prison someday. And my parents HATED this guy, now I realize that they had really good judgement about his character although I'll be damed if I'll admit it to my mom (I'm still so perverse about it).
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    [​IMG] You are so very lucky you didnt end up with that one!
  6. It is strange however to spend 30 years wondering what happened, and then find out it was something awful!
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    Tab, Indiana
    It's scary thinking about how some former schoolmates have turned out. When I was in high school, in my junior year, I had to take American Literature as part of my AP classes. I was glad because 2 of my friends were in the class with me, and we sat together near the back of the class, giggling and passing notes most of the time. Well, this boy chose to sit next to me. His name was Tim, and he was popular, good looking, and on one of the school's sports teams. We ran in different circles (I wasn't popular) but he kept talking to me every day in class, and then he started asking me out. Something about him unnerved me, and I refused constantly. Went through most of the school year telling him no, but he was persistent. I, however, was MORE persistent, and I was adamant about NOT dating him. The school year ended, and the next school year I was pleased to find out that I did not have any classes with him. I eventually heard that he had started dating a freshman so I felt safe from his advances. Well, the school year ended, we all graduated, and went on with out lives. Even in high school I was the kind of person that liked to read the newspaper, and I read it almost daily. I picked the paper up about 2 weeks after we graduated and I got the biggest scare of my life, up to that point. I had found myself reading about a murder the next town over. A young girl from my school had been bludgeoned to death by her boyfriend because she had broken up with him a few days earlier. He had walked down to her house with a baseball bat and had beaten her to death. The murderer? TIM!!!!! I was in shock! I called my friends that had been pushing me to date him the year before and told them, and they were both in shock as well. He got 76 years without a chance of parole. He's sitting in prison still, I check on him online regularly. He's served 17 years of his sentence so far, and I seriously hope he never sees the light of day again. There is just something really NOT right with him. And I feel so bad for that girl, but I find myself wondering from time to time what IF I had agreed to go out with him? Would that be me 6 ft under? The thought is quite chilling.
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    Land of Lincoln
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    May 31, 2010
    I have no idea.

    still, the same message i always give, if i had a girlfriend who commited crimes, id turn her down BIGTIME !
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    I took a bunch of students to the Southern NM State Pen. in 2003, we were on the scared straight program. Walking across a prison yard with 3 guards,, I hear someone yelling Kat!! Kat!!! Katy Kat!!! One of the guards looked around and said you know someone here? I'm thinking,,, hmm who could it be? I turn and there is my HS boyfriend,, we were in band, drama, journalism,, you name it. I left for the AF 7 days after graduation, he went his way and out of the years since graduation he has spent over 20 of them in prison.

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