Crele English Orpingtons--SOLD

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    I have three Crele Orpington hens. These chickens are from 100% English blood. They are round and fluffy. The Crele color is created when a partridge bird is also barred. These hens are a little less than a year old. They come from Rockin G Ranch lines. Genetically, these are Partridge Barred with Lemon gene. I am selling them since I don't have extra room for an all hen breed (I have no rooster and limited space).

    I'm asking $60 each or $150 for all three. I can only ship them if you provide the box and cover shipping. No shipping to VA.

    Feel free to email, call or text me at 269-207-9746.

    Please note that one hen has deformed toes from an injury when she was a chick (I feel bad admitting this, but I accidentally slammed her toes in the incubator door when she tried to jump out and I didn't see her). However, it does not impair her at all, she scratches, and gets around just fine.
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    Are any of these still available?
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    Mar 12, 2015
    Would you by any chance still have any Crele hen's available? I'm looking for two partridge barred hens. Of course I would pay for both hens and shipping. If you don't, do you know who does have the Crele's? Thank you.
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