Crele legbar and crowing


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Apr 2, 2014
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Hi, just wondering when everyone’s Crele/Creme Legbar rooster started to try to crow. Mines 13 weeks and not even a try yet that I’ve heard of. I realize it’s mostly random amongst all chicken breeds but just curios what legbar owners have to say.


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Hatched some BCMxCCL this spring, the males were crowing and mounting pretty early.
Can't remember the exact weeks old, but younger than other cockerels I've had and you younger than the other cross males in that batch of chicks.


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The earliest I have seen report for the Cream Legbar is 4 weeks to first crow. I have raised hundreds of Legbar cockerels over the past 7 years and the earliest I have seen is about 8 weeks. So yes they can start to grow early but their ability to crow early is a not a indication of their development nor lack there of. I have heard that some of the Asian breeds that are slow developing the cockerels wont crow until they are two years old. Crowing is also a very social thing. When we grow out a group with 25-30 cockerels in it there could be just one dominant cockerel that is crowing at 20 weeks old but none of the others will grow because the dominant cockerel will punish them for crowing. So in a large croup of cockerels you may have a more submissive cockerel that doesn't start crowing until he is 9 months old that would have started to crow at 4 months if he wasn't intimidated by hatch mates.

My Legbars are typically crowing by about 3-1/2 to 4 months old.


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Aug 8, 2016
Is he with an older, more mature male? My current cockerel didn't crow till he was like 7 months and then regretted it when the rooster decided that he didn't approve of the cockerel's new found confidence

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