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Mar 12, 2009
I know what the varity looks like but what is the orgin of this word and when was it first applied to chickens?
Hi! I have a theory...
The pattern on a 'crele bird' looks similar to the weave pattern on a 'creel':
Definition of Creel
1. Noun. A wicker basket used by anglers to hold fish.



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Is this a Crele or just another Wheaten w/ barring?


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Randy: I'm not sure when first applied to chickens but articles written about Crele colored OEGB back in 1929..

Dipsy Doodle Doo: Is this a Crele or just another Wheaten w/ barring?

For the most part yes.. He look to need more barring in the wing and tail..
(Not My Bird)

I have a little barred pullet (she is either wheaten barred or crele, I can't tell)

If she is crele she will be pink breasted with a dark barred body. If wheaten she would be sort of pinkish sandy colour.

I haven't got a duckwing male to go & check, but wheaten males have beige fluff in the vent area. Also wheaten males' neck hackle is a more even colour usually without the black striping.​
Dipsy Doodle Doo:
If you breed that Crele Rooster to a B.B. Red Hen you should get 100% Intermediate Males and 100% Crele Females... The Intermediant roosters should have a richer color maybe even better barring...

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Dipsy Doodle Doo wrote: Is this a Crele or just another Wheaten w/ barring?

I'm confused.....What are you breeding the birds with, that you are uncertain of whether the birds are wheaten with barring or duckwing with barring (crele)?

It looks to me that your male has one barring gene; if that is the case only half of his female offspring would have barring.
If there is doubt about whether your male is barred duckwing (crele) or barred wheaten & I were guessing, I'd guess him to be barred wheaten because I'd expect to see gold & some black in the barred hackle of a barred duckwing (crele) with one barring gene. Or perhaps both eWh/e+....depending upon the birds being bred.
But I could be completely wrong.​

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