Creme D'Argent Trio!

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    Oct 27, 2010
    I have a great deal on anyone who wants to start showing or breeding Creme D'Argents. I have a SR buck, two JR does and a JR buck in my deal. I'm only selling them as a package and will not split any of them up! I'm looking into getting more people into this wonderful breed! They are a rare breed and are on the 'Watch' list for the ALBC, the global population is estimated to be under 1,000 Cremes!

    The SR buck has shown very well, placing 4/7 (first day) and 2/7 (second day) for SR bucks at WA State Convention in June!! The sire to the three JRs has a leg for BOS and the dam placed 4/10 (first day) and 3/9 (second day) for SR does at convention! I'm asking $65.00 for all four Cremes, with pedigrees included.

    SR Buck

    Heartland's HL25 Buck

    Heartland's HL13 Doe

    Heartland's HL26 Doe

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