crested breeds ? what breeds


8 Years
May 12, 2011
small tiny crest black legs

red black yellow legs

black gold black legs

buff yellow legs

black and white houdan ? yellow legs five toes

these two are actually three month old bantam roosters but anyone wanna gimie an idea on them ..? at least what there color would be called ?


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You are dead on about the Houdan. Absolutely correct.

The others looks like Polishes (since 4-toes, non-feathered feet), black, some sort of buff, gold-laced, buff-laced.

The others look like they might be gamefowl, like Old English Game. That color pattern is called "Crele" (sometimes called "Creole"). Crele is a common color in Games.

They are all beautiful chickens!
so polish leg color can differ on body color .?? i know my two blws are black legged ..and before i had the whites and white crested blacks .. and was thinkin they all had black legs ... ?? =/ or i would have asumed they all were the polish except the houdan .. with its five toes lol ..
and the mini .. is there black crested blacks ?? im thinkin hell be a banty .. hes tiny com[ared to the others .. ?
Your Polish are Black, Gold Laced, and "Red crested Red." No Buff Laced in there.

The bantams are not actually Creles, but instead crosses of Crele and something else. A true Crele is a barred duckwing, those birds have Columbian in them.
I'm thinking your black one could be a Crevecoeur bantam. Most large fowl/standard breeds of chickens have bantam counterparts. Many hatcheries are starting to breed some funky Polish colors so there's no telling what you'll get as far as leg color, etc. I have a hen I was given that came from a hatchery but looks like a cull from a tolbunt project. She's mostly red with a little bit of black lacing here and there along with a couple of feathers that have white dots on the ends and black "v"s right above them. So, number 2 and number 4 could end up like that. The third one is a gold laced. The other is definitely a mottled Houdan. The OEGBs look like hatchery quality creles.

ETA: Sorry that should have said "I have a Polish hen I was given that came from a hatchery but looks like a cull from a tolbunt project."
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i was thinkin crevcouer on the first one myself ... half because mcmurrays polish bantams are only black white crested ... so this one being solid black .. and that being the crevcouer color ..
thats what im goin with
thanks for the help on these guys everyone

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