Crested Cream Legbar chick?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2018
This was sold to me as a female crested cream legbar. Supposed to be 1-2 weeks old. What do you think?

If you were told that is is a female Cream Legbar Chick then I am sure that is what it is. I don't see any thing that would indicate that it is not a cream legbar. It has the start of a crest, it has correct markings for a pullet, it has correct skin color, it has the correct comb type, correct beak color, etc. Below are a pair of Cream Legbars from my flock. With the autosexing breeds the pullets will have the chipmunk patterns stripes. There is typically a very pronounced dark brown V on the top of the pullet's head with the point going towards the beak. The pullet also typically have a strong black stripe from the corner of the eyes. The males may have a stripe but it is very diluted and fade. Their over all body color of the cockerel is much lighter than the pullets. The pullet may have a small white dot on their head (but many don't) but the males will have a much larger and wider white dot on their head. The males will not have a strong V nor dark strip from the corner of the eye. Like the dorsal stripes those will be diluted and faded on the males.

2013 Cream Legbar Chicks.jpg

Pullet on Left, Cockerel on Right

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