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    I had no real opinion about Crested Ducks until I bought some call duck eggs. They said there was a "rare chance that I might get a crested."

    In reality There is gene in crested ducks is linked to a lethal outcome during incubation. Ducklings carrying both genes (both parents having a crest) die in their shells before they get a chance to hatch. (some with their brains on the outside of their skull)

    When breeding a crested to a non-crested, they have estimated percentages of; Those who will not have crests, will have crests, those that will die during incubation, and the ones who will die after hatching.

    I can not find photos depicting what this lethal allele actually looks like in the embryonic, or the chick stages. So I think it would be good to show members considering on incubating or breeding crested ducks the sad truth.

    I have pictures of some of this. I can post these if anyone else sees the need to expose these heart breaking truths. If I had any idea, I would never have gotten any of them. If any make it to hatch, I won't breed them.
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    I think people need to know the truth. Thank you for sharing what you know to help others learn. It is sad that we doom these birds to death so we can get a few of them that look cool.
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    Yes, it is important people are educated on it. I see Kevin has posted, i know you had started a thread on the very thing before. It look cool but most don't know the dangers/risks behind it all.
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    Thank you all for this information! They are so adorable--- very sad.
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    Were you not allowed to post the pictures?
    While I do not breed or raise crested ducks, I find this a very interesting topic as many people seem to be 100% against crested ducks, and some LOVE them and do breed them (some properly, some not so much).
    I would be interested in reading any additional information that gets posted on this topic as well as pictures.

    And you have to remember that call ducks have a harder time hatching than other breeds because they are bred to have small bills. So some of the deaths you may have may be due to that factor, not necessarily the crest factor
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    It's funny because when you see these adorable ducks out on the pond swimming and diving (swimming underwater)....they don't appear to be in any distress or act differently. Wonder if they have a shorter life span than the others.....
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    Thanks for sending me that link-- just saw it today! Send up prayers for Joey~ she may have a wound granuloma under where her old chest wound was that healed.....:(
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    Poor girl, will keep her in my prayers..
    isn't that where blood accumulates and they have to drain it? I am thinking there are plenty on here who could tell you about their crested. and I think some probably have more problems than others.

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