Crested Gecko owners - Food question

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    I've had my crestie for about a year and a half now. When I bought her she had been fed solely crickets and she was pretty thin and smelly. I got her as a cheap baby and she has grown into a very nice adult (I might be biased! LOL). Anyways, I started feeding her Crested Gecko Diet by Repashy and a year and a half ago it was very easy to find and cheap. She doesn't eat a whole lot, so I've only bought two containers since I've had her. I realized I was running out a few days ago and went to petsmart to buy more. All they had was this hard pellet food made up mostly of corn. They also had a soft food but the ingredients were the same as the leopard gecko stuff and just not nutritious for a fruit eating crestie at all!

    Further research revealed that petsmart and most other pet stores will not be carrying the Repashy food any longer. So I had to order it off of Amazon from Pangea Reptile. It came up to about $12 with shipping for 4oz. I suppose that's not too bad, but has anyone else run into this same issue? What do you feed your crested? I feel like the repashy is pretty good stuff and I would hate to have to switch in the future.

    Here's a photo of my CGD food glutton, Marcus the "she"-gecko!


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