Crested Porcelain D'uccle


12 Years
Mar 31, 2010
In my hatch this spring I had one porcelain chick hatch out with a vaulted skull. It tured out to be pullet. She's an adorable little thing and my favorite among the whole d'uccle flock. She has quite the little "poof" on her head now that she's feathered out. I am a little curious about this trait cropping up. Upon a brief internet search I noticed that there is a strain that is supposed to be crested, the Barbu d'Watermael, but it's also supposed to be clean legged and that this is a rarer type of the breed. This little pullet has feathered feet. Would there be any purpose to keeping this chick for breeding purposes or should she be considered a cull and relegated to "pet" status only?
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