Crested White Ducks 4 sale in MD~ pickup/meet- no shipping

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Jan 15, 2009
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I have 5 adult breeder Crested White ducks to sell. 4 hens, 1 drake. Also 1 Crested Brown Swedish hen. Good layers. $20.00 each, local pickup, meet within reasonable distance (Cambridge MD, Easton, Kent Island, Linkwood, etc), no shipping (too hot and no boxes big enough). Take all 6 ducks for $100. Cash or Instant Paypal ( I hate to sell them but things are tight and we must downsize. Our loss is your gain. PM me if interested, tell me which one(s) by name you want. They are trained to go in & out of their pen. Very tame pets.



brown one in pic

I also have a Trio of Bearded Splash Silkies for sale.

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