Crev Roo and Australorp Hen??

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    Sep 27, 2009
    my 3 Australorp sexed chicks/ hens ended up being 2 Roos and 1 hen...
    housed all 3 together since 2 weeks old, they are around 5 months old now.
    Tragedy happened, I was in denial, it's really roosters not mixed up hens...
    the Rooster Australorp tore off 2 toes and hen's comb on the Australorp Hen...sadly we rehomed him.

    THe aggression was surprising; but must have been 2 roosters fighting over 1 hen?? We decided the australorp rooster hurt the australorp hen since he was the one picking on her, once we let them out , I thought he'd for sure KILL HER! more than mating instincts.

    So, we nursed the injured hen on antibiotics a week and she acts fine, limps around. (this all happened 3 weeks ago)
    I have kept the Crev Rooster and Australorp Hen separate; but next to each other, the Rooster knows she's there.
    My concerns are:

    should I wait to rehouse the roo with the hen until I have more hens?
    what behavior should I expect to see immediately if I put the Roo with the Hen? will the Roo remember the previous dominant Rooster and his misbehavior?
    Will the Crev Roo notice her injured foot and hurt her more, like a weaker one in the pack?

    We don't want to get rid of the Crev Rooster, he's sort of a pet...he hasn't developed spurs yet.
    Will he mate with a bigger Australorp Hen? cross breed photos?

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