Crib coop with box spring run,for meaties!

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    Dec 26, 2015
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    So,I made a second coop and run,with the anticipation of putting some cornish rock meat birds in. I think i'm going to use that,to separate my buff orp roo,and my orp mix hen chicks instead. Seems to nice for meaties to ruin,lol

    So i found some old stuff laying around here.First,an old crib of my moms. It's been in storage for years,and she likes the idea of me repurposing it,instead of her having to sell it.i guess moms have a hard time letting go of their kids stuff! Lol! Anyways... Next, they had a bunch of beds when we moved in,and gave away all the mattresses. So we had 2 box springs. One i am allowed to use for a pen. It was a short height box spring,so has metal in it. It would be perfect as a base,and can keep the meaties off the ground. Droppings can go through,and can be moved,so i can use the fertilizer after they all get processed.

    So this thread will be updates of the construction! Tractor supply should have chicks in,in a week. I was hoping you's can give me an idea of how many can go in this area.I was hoping 8.

    This is the box spring base for the run. The crib coop will be separate,bit attached. Any ideas or pics are more than welcome!!!

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