Crib to coop conversion?


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Just curious if anyone has done a conversion from the grain side of a corn crib into a chicken house. We have an old crib that is still sturdy, and it has some great elements that would make it into a wonderful coop: raised off the ground, tight doors and latches, excellent ventilation. We know we'd have to put in some window's for light, and make a larger door for people to access the middle "room." I'd love to see some examples if anyone has successfully done a similar conversion! The corn side is great for storage of materials, and I'd love to re-purpose the old building rather than tear it down! One thought we've had is that with the three separate and sizeable "rooms," we might be able to do chickens and turkeys in the same area. Thoughts?

This is the side we would convert: people-sized doors on the two ends and a small chicke-sized door in the center. Three separate "rooms" are walled off in-between.

The first "room." See how the roof is entirely open. We were thinking of putting electrified netting over this. We do know that some critters have fallen into the center room, and with no way out we only find their skeletal remains. The big pipes were to aerate the grain, and those would be removed. I don't know the exact sizes of the rooms, but I would guess they are about 7' x 10' so we could keep a good-sized flock in here!

The other end "room."

The door to the middle room. We would probably make this larger so we could access the room to clean it.


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