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    The power went out this morning at 7am. Came back on about 5 hours later. I covered the incubator, but that raised the humidity. The temp was down to 70 degrees and the humidity at 80-something when the power finally came back on. Temp went back up into the 90's and humidity fell into the 40's quickly enough, but I wonder if these poor things will be viable now. Two that showed movement last night are still showing a small amount of movement, but two others that looked promising aren't moving.

    What are the chances?? I'm pretty disappointed.
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    Don't candle them anymore--every time you take them out of the incubator to candle, you lose humidity! I have had the power go off for over 8 hours while I was incubating and all of them still hatched!!! Good luck!
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    All viable eggs should still hatch. The incubation period may be extended by this chilling.
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    Thank you for the encouragement! I hope these all do well.

    The humidity is still in the mid-40's. It was in the high 30's when the power went out, so it seems to be doing better than the temp did. No more tampering, though. They'll stay unopened until tomorrow morning when I need to make sure all is well before leaving on an overnight. Hope we come home to movement!!!

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