Critique my website & give me feedback!!! =D

Five stars!! Seriously!

The layout is very orderly, and professional. And of course, pictures are always a lot of fun. Very nicely done!
A few issues....
You get one chance to give a first impression an for most people it wont be your home page. It will be one of your other pages. You have a lot of pages that seem more like place holders an say little more than check back later. If people land on one of those pages they probably wont dig any deeper. Assuming someone lands on a page that they think is good an clicks on another page its twice as hard to get them to click on a second link an then even harder to get them to click a third time. Even with a great site with lots of traffic an loads of information you expect most people to only read 3 pages deep. I think it has something to do with how many times they are willing to back-page to where they started. So my opinion is that "place holder" pages run your viewers off before they get to read your good content. Your better off hiding them till they have good content on them.

More content on less pages is always better unless you are marketing advertising space. I assume you want the site to convert in to sales. Your for sale page is hidden, with all those links making it less likely to be clicked. Remember they will probably read the landing page then maybe a second page an if your lucky a third page. The more pages you have the less likely the "for sale" page will be one of those. The page you want to funnel them to needs to stand out as important. Bigger, bolder links close to the top.
Your for sale page its self, you actually have to read to know what you have an dont have an at what price. It should be big an bold " item name" then "price" then "in stock or not" then in smaller print a "description." I want to be able to skim to what I want to know about without having to read every word on a for sale page.

Loose the ABC order with the menu. It should have like things grouped an the stuff you want to funnel people to at the top.

You have the site set up for a resolution of 800 pixels wide. Most people will view it at 1000 pixels or more now. I think on my site over the last month it was under 3% of viewers that were using a resolution of less than 1000. Now picking how wide to make it is hard. My monitor is 1600 wide an your page sorta feels like reading a bookmark. The text looks really tiny an squished between huge blank strips on each side. Most of your viewers will view it at 1280 or higher. I would see if I could bring the main text part of the site up to at least 800 pixels wide an maybe 1000 wide. That way the low end monitors can fit the body in there monitor but have to scroll to the side to see the menu. An the people with wider monitors will see a fuller page. You could also bump up the text size a little. But that's just me I like it a little bigger.

I have mine set to work good down to 1280 then it goes wonky. But I expect that to be more or less the low end width in the next 5 years. But mine is set to change size an spread out to bigger monitors. 1000 pixel minimum would have been better but I didnt have the numbers to tell me that when I started.

Dont know if that helped or how much of that you can use but good hope it helps
Great ideas Rebel;

I will hide some of the placeholders, and make sure my existing pages are filled out and interesting.

I will have to look into the width of the site, as far as I know it is a set number by the websitebuilder and I don't know how/ if I can change it. But I will check!


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