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11 Years
Apr 29, 2008
I have a predator problem, one that I can't legally trap or shoot. It's an adolescent bi-ped who sneaks into my yard through the woods when I am away of an evening at work. He comes that way so the neighbors can't see him. He has chased, scared and killed animals. he torched my barn, killing all my goats. I need solid evidence that he is coming onto my property.

So, any suggestions as to a good make and model critter cam? One that works without a flash, so I don't tip the little &^%$#@ off that he is on Candid Camera?
night vision video cams are pretty cheap now. most you can use with a DVR.

PS A kid like needs intervention, or he will continue to get worse, im afraid.
Holy cow! I gasped when I read your post.

We had somewhat similar problems with a neighbor. We ended up installing a full-blown security camera system. You need the video evidence to get it prosecuted and stopped.

Inbox me for more details, or I'll inbox you sometime tomorrow with info on sources for information about camera systems. Even once you have the evidence it can be a protracted campaign.
Get one with the infared flash, Moultrie makes a solid unit at a decent price

I had a friend whos garage got torched.....he found the person (a nephew) on his game camera with gas can in hand! It was set up in response to a theft just a few days lucky with getting the arsonist on film!
Thank you! I'm going to have to eventually get about 4 of the camera's to put around my place, once my barn is rebuilt. I am getting a livestock guardian Great Pyrenees to go in with the goats and the goats outside pen will surround the chicken area, so the dog can protect the chooks too.
Man,i would totally flip if i caught a little jerk torching my barn...! If its so hard to do the right thing and go through law enforement to get justice for what the little turd did, i would exact my own form of revenge...and i'd wait as long as i needed to...! That really sucks..!!!
Hope you can figure out what you need to do about this problem. I would be so mad/frustrated/annoyed/furious if something like that was happening
:. I really hope you can stop the bonehead.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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Make friends with the sheriff or the local state cop and ask him to have a heart to heart chat with the suspected visitor. Maybe if they realize they're being watched, they will back off. Too bad SSS doesn't apply in this case

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