Crocheted headband and Ponytail hats! - fried egg colors!

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    Mar 5, 2007
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    Hey guys! I am selling some crocheted items that I have been making.

    The first is a headband made with soft, chunky yarn. The colors I used just happen to make it look like a fried egg! I thought it was really cute. I'm asking $15 for this plus $3 shipping.

    The second two items are pony tail hats! I currently have two for sale and I can add flowers to these for an additional $3 if you are interested. The purple one is made with super soft yarn. These are $15 each ($18 with flower) plus $3 shipping (add $1 shipping for each additional hat)

    I have paypal and venmo, but I also accept checks in the mail, though sending a check may delay shopping just a bit. PM me if interested and I will share my information!
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