Crook neck comes and goes?!?

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  1. rsallison

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    Jun 26, 2010
    I have a Dorking that recently started walking around with her head cocked slightly to the side. As if turning a good ear to hear what someone is saying - if that makes sense.
    Then yesterday I went out in the afternoon and she was inside with her head completely upside down, totally confused and looking like she had some kind of fit. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything at the time. I did a bunch a research, saw pictures and am pretty certain it is crookneck/wryneck. The others were leaving her alone, so I figured that if she was still alive this morning, I'd bring her in and see if I could feed her some Brewer's Yeast, which I have on hand, and try to get her well. Truth be told, I figured that she'd injured herself trying to get away from the predator (a coyote got into the run and tagged a flockmate) and did not think she'd get better - but I'd try.
    This morning I went out to get her and she is fine. Ran out of the coop with all the others, eating the scratch, drinking, and will not let me catch her (she's really flighty). She's still got her head just a bit to the side....but what should I do about it? Just throw some yeast in with the feed or the scratch?
    Any help is much appreciated, thanks so much!!!!

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    Sep 17, 2013
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    Wait and see what happens, I think you should just keep an eye on her.

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