Crook Shank or odd Duck

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    This story begins with a pair of Pekin Ducks and we get the egg. After 25 days of incubation, which is suppose to be 28 days, Little Crook Shank came out of his egg. I noticed that right away that something wasn't right with him. But I didn't open the incubator until I had to turn the eggs because I wanted him to dry off and not get sick from a draft. I had already turned the eggs and didn't need to turn them for another 8 hours so i let it go. At about 10 p.m. I opened the incubator and rotated the eggs. Crook Shank wasn't fully dry yet so I didn't bother him. In the morning at 6 a.m. I turned the eggs again and he was dry so I went to move him to the brooder and that is when I saw it. His neck was crooked. I got really scared because his head was twisted up underneath his belly. I call my neighbor because that is where the eggs came from and asked them about it. They said that they had some like that but they came out of it in a day or two. and I needed to let him go. So that is what i did. The next day his head wasn't under his belly it was off to the side so I figured he was coming out of it. YAY that is what i felt but little did I know that is as far as it would go. I feed and watered him but every time I did he was laying down and didn't move I just figured hatching is tuff and he was tired. After about a week we had 3 others hatch out and they went in with him and he started to move around and we noticed that his neck was still like that and it wasn't straightening out. I called my neighbor and they said he may grow out of it as he gets older, and since he was eating and drinking and potting there was no worry. Now he is 3 weeks old and yes his neck is still crooked but he swims above and under water, he eats and drink, he plays and loves on you. Granted swimming is different then the rest, well it is straight it just looks like 2 ducks side by side one without a head and the other with nothing but a head. Our first duck Oreo that hatched out keeps the other from picking on him or her i haven't tried to sex him since his neck is messed up and i don't want to hurt him, but he is a tough little thing he holds his own with the other ducks.

    Here is little Crook Shank at 3 weeks of Age and he or she is going strong.


    More to come as he gets older. We are hoping he lives a long life, he is so sweet and full of life. I feel so bad because some friends of our said we needed to kill him so he wouldn't suffer but it really doesn't look like he is suffering and defiantly doesn't act like he is suffering. What should I do I think I should just let him live. If it turns out that he is a she I just will put her in a separate pen and not hatch her eggs when I want to hatch them out.
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    If you get a duckling hatch with a crooked neck or leg it can often be improved if you give them bird vitamins in their water. I would try this with your duckling, even though he is a few weeks old. Any kind of bird vitamins will do. Put it in the water for all of them. It won't hurt the others.

    You did the right thing by letting him live. Good for you [​IMG] Unfortunately i can't see the pictures but I'm sure he's gorgeous.
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    The most usual reason for a baby to hatch early is that the temperature in the incubator is too high. This can also cause some defects and could explain what has happened to your baby. Wry neck is a condition that causes the neck to twist as you describe- and can be treated- as 70%cocoa has suggested try adding some multi vitamins to the water. Another condition that causes neck issues is thiamine deficiency- but that comes with other symptoms as well, so it doesnt sound like it in this case. Many duckling that have issues when small can still have a full fairly normal life, I have a disabled duck who is nearly 18 months old who lives a very happy life. He may not be out free ranging with the other ducks- but is is well cared for in his own little inside pen.

    Little Crook Shank.. love the name- and hope that he can in time make a recovery and live a great life. It certainly sounds like he has some loving people caring for him anyway.
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    Quote:Can't see the picture. [​IMG]
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    I agree 100% with the homeopathic cure...vitamins and the proper diet will probably allow him to grow out of it natually. My little duck was under-nourished for her first 6 weeks and she was stunted until I started adding vits and a more "fresh" food diet of greens and less sack feed...suddenly she started to fill out and feather-in like she should. Now completely ok except for missing rt side tial feathers that hopefully will come in someday soon...
    we're going to look on FleaBay for a couple if she can;t grow a set soon...[​IMG]

    Remember that "Angel Wing" is caused by TOO MUCH protien in the young birds diet. I recently read a good paper on that subject with the theory that farm raised, or human raised ducks were the ONLY birds that suffered from that because they were over-fed or fed a diet that was too rich and they grew too fast. As they develope faster than they gain strength, the problem developes. Because ducks are a hyper growth rate bird you can manipulate their growth by diet.

    I'm sure you;ve seen how a duckling is rolled up inside the egg...a foot on their head, rolled up like a pill bug...being hatched too soon from high heat and excessive growth can be a problem.

    Greens mixed with normal grower feed and vitamins and note how he developes over the next 2-3 weeks. You should see him start to straighten up.. A ducks neck is like a rubber band with 17 vertebre ( I think it is) so even IF he does not grow out of this he will manage to get by ok.

    Good luck with your duckling. He's fortunate in a way....he'll get more of your time and attention.[​IMG]
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    I will have to try the vitamins and see if that works. He is big and full and his feathers are coming in well the ends are you can feel them. My temp in the incubator has been holding at 99 to 100 the whole time unless i turn the eggs it drops to 98 but comes back up quick.

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