Crooked leg/3 week old chick


10 Years
Aug 14, 2009
I have a 3 week old chick that had a splayed leg a 5 days old. Fixed it up with the shackle system for 6 days...not quite strong enough on day 5. Now, as of 2 days ago it is having a hard time again so 2 days ago I shackled it up again. Today however its leg below the "knee" is turning to the outside when it has weight on its leg. ANY IDEAS?
It is the smallest of the 8 chicks I got. Will it live a normal life like that or should we cull?

How is your chick doing? Are you able to position the leg and splint it into the correct position so that it will not turn and leave it that way for a few days?
hi I have a silkie chick going thru the same thing I had to do what kuntrygirl suggest and then put the chick in a chiar to make sure he didn't contine to walk and use it. After I put the chick in his chiar I taped his leg from underneth I tape the croked leg to the leg that was stairght to pull the leg in.
I gave up but finally someone

Im not sure on posting pics yet ...but put her in chicken chair for a few improvement. Strapped her in but she kept getting out. So now she is compensating better to be on one leg, other leg is still crooked...not usefull at all. It's definately a she ...we have named her Lucky and she has spunk. Ill try to get some pics soon. I would like to keep a album of the progress or what not. So many people are having issues it seems with deformed legs....lucky me....
Chicken named Lucky:)
Well sad poor Lucky wasnt so lucky it passed away! Now I know more of the signs of splayed leg and can check sooner for this in my baby chicks!

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