Crooked leg? PICS ADDED Update: He'S STANDING!!


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
One of my newly hatched (2 days old) BBS Marans chicks was born with a crooked leg.

I tried looking up crooked legs...but I can't figure out what is wrong - it doesn't appear to be a slipped tendon or anything else I can find... he came right out the egg with it.

Basically, his one leg turns in and he can't seem to keep it under himself, either laying down or standing.

When he's lying down, the leg sticks out behind him and turns a right angle at his hock toward the other leg.

He's figured out how to prop himself up on the wall, so he can stand upright to feed/drink, but moves about his little hospital cage by scooting on his chest.

The leg seems to have full function - it is not swollen and he can bend it at the hock and close/open his foot.

I make sure he drinks several times a day, his appetite isn't great, but he's also only 2 days old right now....

Is he saveable???? I'll try anything suggested....


He can stand on his own!!
He gets tired and leans on the wall, but he can stand totally on his feet and sort of trip around his little hospital cage.
The bad foot is turned totally sideways, though...

He can also keep the foot tucked under himself when lying down! (Yay - so the other kids can't peck it, if/when he gets out of hospital)

He still can't peck to eat very well b/c he tumbles over, but I make sure he gets water and yogurt regularly...he doesn't really want crumble yet.

Think I should let him try or do you think he'll suffer as he gets heavier???
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Do you think it is still a spraddle leg, if it is out behind him and turned at a right angle?
(foot is not away from the body, but under and behind the other leg) - he's not doing "the splits" he's sort of crossed legged with only 1 leg.

I put the little hobbles on him and he's rather unhappy.

Instead of the good leg pulling the bad leg forward, the bad leg is pulling the good leg back behind him and he can't scoot anymore...he just lays there on his chest and is pretty unhappy about it...

I'll leave him hobbled and hope he looks better in the AM.

Hoping he's made progress in the AM!!
I can't say, I really don't have any more experience then the chick I have right now and her's is out to the side but if you read on that link and maybe search "spraddle leg" in google you'll find more about your situation. I didn't search further because I recognized that mine had a mild case. I thought I read something about treatment if it's curled under. Good luck, hope someone else can help you further.
i would treat for spraddle leg and maybe put a small splint on his leg anyways... make them both straight and give it some time...

get some pictures... it will give us a better idea what you are talking about... but i kind of understand what you're saying... so it points back and in right...? sounds bad... or like it's dislocated at the hip...

get some pics... good luck...

Have to get more batteries for the camera, but it's pretty ugly....will get pics after work.

I looked at his hips this morning. I don't think it is dislocated - ?? - it feels the same as the other hip when I moved it about...(so that's a good thing, right?)

This morning, he's still unhappy with the hobbles - I worked with him for a while, showing him how to place the leg, so he could sit upright (still on his hocks, but chest off the floor!)

He can't do it himself, but will sit up for quite a while, once I place him.
He's figured out how to use his wings to prop himself up, too!

Still not eating as much as I'd like, but I did give him a vitamin drench this maybe that will kick start his appetite.

Determined little bugger! Hope I can save him!!
I had a chick born with one leg bent straight up at the hock. This was not a case of spraddle leg...It was different. I tried to carefully straighten it but the poor thing would scream out in pain. The bent leg seemed to be fused that way. He was not thriving, in pain, and the other chicks picked on him non stop. It was a heartbreaking decision to cull him.

I wish your little one the best, and looking forward to the pics.
I had a turkey hatch that had what sounds like the same problem, Instead of legs going out to the sides, one was out and one was in and curled back. I tried the hobbles, splints and putting him supported in a plastic container lines with soft materials so he had to TRY to stand but with support. This went on for several days and he was getting no better at all, in fact his leg seemed to be getting stiffer and joint was starting to swell. I could not find any information on this particular problem and made the decision last night to cull him.
ok - here are the pics - CLICK TO ENLARGE

This is how his legs hang naturally, if picked up.

You can see his right foot behind his left hock

From behind - left leg normal, right leg - ?? -

I don't think the hobbles made much difference (he's worn them for about 16hrs now...

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!
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