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11 Years
Oct 30, 2010
Is there a disease that causes a quail's neck to suddenly go crooked? I have 1 thats about 1 1/2 weeks old and Its neck just went crooked. it looks like the huntchback of ND . it was fine for the 1st week but yesterday I noticed it really curved. I tried to see if I could straighten it out and It will but he dosent seem to like it. I even tried to build a neck brace but that didnt work out to well. What would cause this? Like I said it hatched fine and was normal till yesterday. Could maybe it injured its neck hitting the wire on top of the brooder? They are trying to fly now.
I am new to quail (my first just hatched) but I know chicks can get wry neck. That's what it sounds like to me anyway. I had one do that and I gave him some Enfamil Poly Vi Sol without iron drops for a few days and he straightened out. You could do a search on this site and find out more information. Good luck to you.
So just give him a couple of drops a day ? right in the mouth? I guess Im off to find this stuff.
I would give it a drop in the mouth twice a day. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in soon.
I'm not sure what species of quail we are talking about, but wry neck in coturnix, usually presents between day one to day three. The general consensus is it's due to a vitamin deficiency, and adding vitamin supplements like Poly Vi Sol to drinking water is usually the best remedy. Either way, it should not hurt your birds.

It sounds to me, like your bird jumped and hit it's head/hurt it's neck. You may want to isolate it, to keep the other birds from picking on it. If it can eat and drink on it's own, it will most likely recover. If it isn't eating/drinking on it's own, or spends any amount of time laying on it's back, then I recommend culling it.

Sorry I can't paint a more rosy picture for you, but at least you have your first Boinking case under your belt.
I hope all turns out well!
I had a quail with a bad neck last year and the problem never went away. He grew up healthy and it doesnt affect him at all.

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