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    Hi. I just adopted a few new pullets to add to my flock. One of them was this pretty silkie, who we named Pillow. When we got her home we realized that she has a strange "S" bend to her neck that feels skeletal. She seems to eat and move around ok and can flap her wings and put her head to each side, but there's always a kink to her neck. I read up on a few things that might cause this, but none of them sounded exactly right. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping that she's just a little badly formed but can have a good life.
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    She may have scoliosis or "roachback," which is a skeletal deformity that may be a result of vitamin or mineral deficiency, or genetics in parent stock. It is a disqualification in showing chickens. Can she eat and drink alright? Placing her feeder/water higher may help.
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