Crooked tail and lopsided wing?

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    Hi folks. Good to be back in the land of the chickens. I've got a 6wo brabanter who had pasty butt and now has lopsided wings and a crooked tail. My older daughter and I have bathed her twice gently -- once for pasty butt and once for just having a messy backside. We're treating our 13 (6w - 8w I'd say) all for coccidiosis because a few had runny poop for a while and now all their poop is looking healthy and firm with a white dot. We used the moderate outbreak dosing. And we've got a cluck that's all vaccinated for Marek's.

    But this girl (please God be a girl) of ours is just a stinky butt and her tail has started to tilt sideways and she's got a bit of a lopsided wing alignment. We bathed her again yesterday and blow dried her (she fell asleep and took a nap while I soaked her poor backside) and she seems a little straighter...but I still worry about the little thing.

    She's eating fine, drinking fine, and not seeming lethargic or to take any abuse. Any ideas? I'll try to post a good profile and back view of her tomorrow. But here she is sleeping in her bath.

    My daughter and I have discussed becoming stylists to the chickens of the stars, but alas we are in San Diego, so a bit far for a commute to Hollywood. LOL!!!
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    Can you post pictures of how she is holding her wings and tail, her "pasty butt" and overall stance?
    It could be wry tail which is generally considered a genetic/developmental disorder.
    You can try adding poultry vitamins to the water and see if there is any improvement.
    As far as the pasty butt, is the poo actually still blocking up the vent so she can't poop or is the poo just sticking to the bum fluff? At 6wks pasty butt/any blockages should be cleared up and not be much of an issue. (post#9)

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