Crooked Toes?

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    I just put 3, 7 week old chicks outside for the day. As I'm watching them wander around I noticed that my blue ameraucana has crooked toes. This has to have happened recently because she wasn't hatched with them, and I didn't see them while she was in the first floor brooder (my bigger birds head to the basement at about 5 weeks). How can I splint her toes to help them straighten out? It's her the longest toe on both feet.

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    There are several good posts that you can find if you do a search. That is what I did and I learned this:

    Get some kind of moleskin or something to put on the bottom of the feet. Tape the top. Some people cut it down to size. I had a little chick and I just got a round band aid and put that on the bottom and used surgical tape to attach it. His feet are great now!
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    Thanks for the info. I did that with a day old who had crooked toes. I wasn't sure if you did anything different with a 7 weeker.


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