Crooked toes


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Jul 20, 2011
Summerville ,SC
Hi, my 3mo. India's each have a crooked toe, each on a different foot . They are otherwise without obvious deformities. They were the first chicks I have bought.
I just bought two 3 1/2 mo. Whites today and their toes are fine.
Should I be concerned?

1 Black Shoulder India Blue male, 1 india Blue hen, 1 Black Shoulder India Blue/India Blue split yearling male, 2 3 mo. India blue males, 2 White 4 mo. (don't know yet), 2 dogs.
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I do not know if you can straighten out a 3 month old bird's toes. I do not that if you tape them when they are a few days old they will straighten out. If the bird is walking ok I guess it should be fine. Can you post a picture?
Unless it is crooked under it will be fine. Some birds lose toes for various reasons such as frost bite. Is it roosting? If so and walking it is A-OK, just have an awkward digit.
They are not under, they walk fine, can roost and I was also wondering since I got them from the same breeder if there is a reason they should not breed? Oh and yes they are over 3 months. Sorry it took so long to answer back. When I know how to post pictures I am gonnna show ya'll the "temporary lodgings" of said birds!!! HEE! HEE! My husband has a pretty creative mind! Oh I hope I didn't ramble too much!
Yes, you can fix them when they first hatch but at 3 months old there is nothing you can do. They should be fine if just crooked and should be able to breed as long as the male can stay on the hen. You would have thought that the breeder would have fixed the toes when they hatched.
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