crookneck chick - vitamins and handfeed diet - need help on dosage

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    I have a 2 week Austrolorp chick that has crook neck, I posted pics of in a couple thread below: No one answered that post so I'm still flying blind here. The crookneck has gotten worse. I was told to give her Vitamin E and B complex in liquid form. I found the liquid Vit E, but couldn't find any liquid B complex in any of my local pharmacies. One of the local pharmacies offered to get me some polyvitsol for me without perscription after I told him what it is for.

    At the feed store I found Agrilabs water soluable vitamins & elctrolytes plus. It has vitamins A, D, E, all the B's, and electrolyles. The only problem is is dosed 4oz of powder to 128 gallons of water!!!! That comes to 112grams to 128 gallons, so rounded to a degree of of 1 gram to 1 gallon of water. How can I get 1 gram of the solution to mix in my gallon water jug? Should I use the Agrilabs vits since it is made for animals or the polyvitsol liquid since it was recommended on this board?

    The crook neck has gotten so her head it turned completely under her. If I pick her head up to see the crumble she will peck at it. I read that I should stop medicated chick feed to crooknecks, so I have been giving her laying crumble since that is all I have. I mashed up 1 hard boil egg, half a container of plain yogurt, couple teaspoons of 20% layer crumble and a pinch of the vitamin powder. When I picked her head up and put her beak in a teaspoon of the mix she ate hungrily.

    Is this a good enough food suppliment for a sick chick? Is there enough water in the yogurt to sustain her? I put her beak in a saucer of water but she didn't drink. How often should I try and feed her? What about the vitamin powder? Should I disolve a small pinch in a teaspoon of water and give it to her with a syringe? Should I continue with the vit E capsules? the instruction I read said 400u twice a day. The vitamin powder has 2000u in the whole 4oz pack. When should I start to see positive changes and the chick start getting better? At what point should I give up and euthinize it if it doesn't get better?

    I have so many other questions but I think that is the most important. Any help would be appreciated as I am kinda flying blind. I am a paramedic and taking care and helping people is so much easier because I know what I'm doing. I feel lost and helpless with this little chick.

    Thank You & Aloha,
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    The amount of E and selenium in that supplement is insufficient to treat the crook neck condition and you will in all likelihood need the prednisone to reduce the inflammation in the brain which is the main source of the crookneck symptom ... see my answer in your other post. Many have tried to treat it using such a supplement but have rarely succeeded.

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