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    Aug 7, 2013

    Sarah Vaughn our 14month old Buff has a full crop that won't empty.
    Despite a mineral oil laced diet, crop messages, and a semi liquid diet (yogurt, watermelon etc) Sarah's crop remains hard.

    Sarah's comb is very pale now, each day she is less like her adventurous self ...(most favored fowl, don't tell the other girls)

    Four days ago a small livestock vet said her temp was high and she was panting, not egg bound (duh). must be a lung infection(huh?).....she didn't think it had anything to do with the 20 minute drive on mom's lap in a car (that's how great Sarah is)

    Panting stopped once out of the car, can't tell u what her temp is, but I think her lungs are fine.

    I have much more confidence in the collective knowledge of this website than that vet.... hope someone might have some idea how to help our girl Sarah

    Thanks for your help
    Sarah's flock ~Ella, Billy, Etta, Josey, Nina & Donna

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