crop impaction and pale beak?

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    Apr 26, 2009
    one of my cornish cross chickens (1 yr old) seems to have an impacted crop.
    i felt its crop. its not very solid but its hard. it seems to be getting much lighter but she still eats and drinks.
    i tried to massage the crop and i fed her some olive oil. i couldnt force it down so i put it in the food which she ate.
    but it still didnt get better. she makes weird neck movements when she eats and drinks but after that, she acts like a regular chicken. (she doesnt make any neck movements, she straightens her feathers, and she poops well.) Maybe she is getting lighter because she was attacked by a cat and from that day, she takes much smaller bites (idk why) so she might not be eating enough. but that doesnt explain the hard crop and the neck movements.
    Also, she has a pale beak. my other cornish X has a yellow beak but this one has a whitish, pinkish beak.
    is this crop impaction and what can i do to help her? im thinking about feeding her some plain yogurt but i dont think that will help her.
    and why is her beak pale?
    plz respond ASAP

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