Crop impaction/ sour crop and surgery

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    Mar 10, 2014
    I'm currently having problems with one of my chickens, Suzanne. She has a crop impaction and now sour crop on top of that.

    I've tried just about everything at this point. She started out with an impaction from eating hay. I took her off her feed for two days, and kept her in a small pen with just water mixed with a vitamin supplement. I started out with olive oil and massaging her crop which didn't seem to help that much. After a few days her crop went sour, and I've been emptying it out a couple times a day. After the two days went by and nothing seemed to be going down I fed her some scrambled egg soaked in olive oil, and now I'm using plain oatmeal soaked in water and some probiotic yogurt twice a day. She does poop, but only a little. This problem has been going on since 3/4/14 and it's now 3/10/14.

    Yesterday I got maggots and have been feeding them to her because I read they could help break up the impaction. Today I gave her 1/3 of a monistat for the yeast infection from the sour crop, and I'll probably do this for the next few days. Her crop feels more firm today and I can still feel the lump of hay and feed stuff, and I wasn't able to get anything out of it when I tried to get her to vomit.

    I'm unsure of what else to do for her but I don't want to give up. I'm starting to think that surgery is the only option left. I don't have an avian veterinarian around me, but my boyfriends mom is a nurse and offered to help with the surgery. Therefore I was hoping someone could give me more information on what else to try. Also I was wondering if someone could give me a step by step of how they performed the crop surgery?

    Did you use any type of anesthesia or painkillers before hand? What type of thread did you use to sew it up, where did you sew and where did you use the glue? How did you flush out the crop, and how did you know where to cut and not hit any blood vessels? Did you have to give her anything for the sour crop yeast infection after the surgery? Did your chicken go back to normal after the surgery and did the impaction ever recur?

    I'm sorry about all the questions but I just want to make sure I know exactly what to do for her, because I've tried just about everything and I have a feeling that surgery may be my last option.
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    May 9, 2013
    Answered on your other thread.

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