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10 Years
Aug 6, 2009
Well, after reading all I could on crop impaction, I decided, I wasn't comfortable doing a "home surgery" I just had flashbacks to the frog I dissected in high school and it wasn't pretty. So knowing that there was an avian vet nearby... I opted to see a pro. Well, Clara is home after surgery. It was just a food impaction, which I guess I'm happy about, since it wasn't bedding, mulch or hay, those were the only things I could think of that would have been an issue. Her system evident'y slowed enough to cause a yeast infection, that led to impaction.

She was sent home on Reglan, Metacam and Baytril. Soft diet only for a few weeks.
She seems happy to be back home, although she was still eating on her own when I took her in, she was VERY skinny, and of course had a softball hanging off her chest.
Now I have to fatten her up!

Had to give her the reglan tonight, she was NOT happy about me trying to put anything in her mouth, so it went down easy in a teaspoon of applesauce. HA. I AM smarter than a chicken!! WooHoo!


Wow it is so great that u were able to find a great vet to do that surgery. Where do u live? I'm in NH and have yet to find a good avian or livestock vet. The one that I did go see that was recommended to me knew next to nothing bout chickens. When you're at the vet and they look at you and say " I'll be back. I just have to step out of room to do some reading up" it never makes you feel very confident about bringing your chicken there. You are lucky you have a skilled veterinary resource.
Glad your girl is doing good! I had surgery done on one of my hens. She bounced back quickly after the surgery. She had food, grass and hair(?) in her crop.

My hen recently impacted again. I just couldn't justify surgery again, so I tried the crop bound pills. It took a few days of the meds and keeping her inside so she couldn't eat anything but what I gave her. It did empty the crop finally (three days after I moved her inside). Something to consider if it happens again.

So far she is doing good - it's been almost two weeks since I put her back outside.
I live in the suburbs of Chicago, I'm glad that I have an avian/exotics vet fairly close. My regular vet said he would do it, but has never done it before. He is an awsome dog/cat vet, actually an orthopedist, However, chickens..... not so much ;-) He was kind enough to prescribe me some meds to inject one of my fish at one point, so he is very willing to work with me and help. But I figured, as long as I did have the availablilty to go to an avian vet, I'd try that route. I am happy with the results although I'm not so sure I needed "theraputic laser at surgery site" for additional $ But it seems every vet I know tries to tack on extras to pay for their new surgical toys. I'm just glad she's doing great! VERY HAPPY. My checkbook's a bit lighter, but then again, so is my chicken

She's more than a pet, she's part of the family, she was born in a classroom at easter time, and returns to that class every year to teach the kids what a chicken looks like, feels like and how to look for food by digging in the dirt... she's a terrific bird, so she's worth every penny.

lishah2000, what are crop bound pills? is it the reglan? I know that helps the muscle contractions to move the food out. Or is there something else?

I just emailed them and asked what was in the capsules. I'm curious now!!
I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I have a great avian vet also. Dr. R. Bennett at the Animal Clinic.
On Xmas eve last year my hen was impacted with hay. My vet was not working. So I took my dear hen to the Emergency pet clinic and a vet there felt comfortable to do the surgery.
I used some Kaytee Handfeeding baby bird formula that I got at the pet store to fatten my hen up after the surgery.
Meal worms worked well also!
Your hen looks great! You are not the only hen owner who has opted for surgery. God bless.
Thank goodness there is somewhere that I can say, I paid for surgery on my chicken and they don't just LAUGH at me. One has to be very careful who we tell about these things


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