crop not emptying - 10 week old chick

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    Hi all, I wonder if any of you have experienced crop problems with a young chick before. My vet told me to apply a crop bra (which we're doing) and gave her an injection of a motility drug, this seemed to clear it a little yesterday but again this morning (after 12 hours) it isn't fully cleared. she's currently isolated in the dog crate by herself, and is getting only 1 teaspoon of food every 2 hours or so. Putting pancreatic enzymes on the food (to help pre-digest it). The idea is to help the crop to shrink back to a working state - but if she has a slow moving crop, I won't be able to keep her. I can't keep her in the house forever and at some point she'll need to be able to be back with regular meals/ feed. - thanks. PS she's the tamest of our new flock, a beautiful charcoal silkie!

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