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    Mar 8, 2010
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    How big can a crop get at the end of the day - my birds have had as much grain as they want, some alfalfa hay thrown in the coop, and a bout 1-1/2 cups of Scratch w/BOSS(split among all 5 of them). Both of my BRs seem to have large crops right now - almost the size of my fist... Almost bed time for them. Is this normal?

    Edit: They are acting completely normal and fine. Laying etc... Should I just check them in the morning to see if the crops have gone down? I think they may just be pigs.
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    Totally normal. Their crops get get pretty big, depending on how much they eat.

    If your worried, you can check their crops early in the morning before you feed them.
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    I've always had a problem getting them back in, after looking at them.
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    Quote:[​IMG]: Now that was sooo wrong, yet sooo funny!! LMAO [​IMG]:

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