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    What are the odds of crop surgery being successful? If successfuly, is it likely to happen again? We have an 8 month old BA whose crop is full in the morning after all night of no food or water. She's eating very little and drinking lots of water. I don't think I can do the surgery but I am thinking about finding a vet who would be willing to treat her.
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    I had a rooster who needed crop surgery. after eating, corns will fall out of his crop. I just did it myself. Needle and thread. and rubb some Dr. Naylor Udder Balm on him. I was suprise to see that it heal completely.
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    Sep 7, 2010
    I think as crop surgery is only moderatly invasive the odds are generally fairly good that a chicken with good strength left will survive the surgery. As far as the issue comming back, it will totally depend on what the cause of the crop problem is and if that can be treated.

    Crops can stop working or plug up for a number of different reasons. If it is a simple blockage or compaction of food in the crop solving that problem should fix it. If the crop is backing up due to other problems like worms, blockage in gizzard, intestinal problems or some othe disease that can cause paralysis of the crop it is almost assured the crop will fill back up.

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