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    This may be a lot more complicated than what I think it is but here it goes.
    If my pure bred rooster crossed with another pure bred hen of a different type, how long will she be laying a cross bred egg if the rooster and hen were only together for a couple of days and you know he at least tried to breed?
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    If you do not want his DNA then wait at least 30 days. I had read wait 2 weeks and I got a cross I did not plan for (silkie bantam Roo on barred rock hen)(pretty chick though) and I waited 2 weeks before saving any of her eggs of which the first 3 I saved did not hatch. The egg on the 18th day hatched the odd ball, also she was not laying when she came here, she was just finishing her molt. All the rest I can ID as my roo being the daddy!
    Good luck

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